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First Ever Human Clinical Study for VigRX Plus Completed With Outstanding Results, Including:

  • 62.82% Increase in ability to maintain erection
  • 58.97% Increase in ability to penetrate partner
  • 22.49% Increase in frequency and quality of orgasms
  • 71.43% Increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction
  • 47.00% Increase in sex drive and desire
  • 61.00% Increase in overall sexual satisfaction

*Results shown were from a triple blind placebo controlled, randomized Clinical Study by Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. LTD. Individual results may vary.

We knew VigRX Plus was extremely powerful but even we were shocked at the results of the first ever human clinical study.

If you would like to read the entire report produced by the research organization, Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. LTD you can scroll to the bottom of this page and click the "Download The Complete Report Now" link.

But since we know everyone does not have time to read a 56 page clinical study that took us two years to complete, below we have included a "Study Summary" to highlight key points and findings of the test…

Summary of VigRX Plus Clinical Study Report

(Study Conducted By Research Organization: Vedic Lifesciences Pvt.)

The VigRX Plus clinical study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of VigRX Plus in erectile dysfunction and male sexual health.

The test parameters and methodology included:

  1. 75 males between the age of 25-50 years, selected based on specific criteria outlined in the study.
  2. The duration of the study was 84 days, with frequent visits, exams and questionnaires to track changes.
  3. Each subject was given the daily recommended dosage for the duration of the test.
  4. The "International Index of Erectile Function", initially created to measure the results of prescription medications was used to measure results of VigRX Plus.
  5. This was a randomized double blind study, in which half the subjects were given VigRX Plus and the other half was given a placebo.
  6. All increases and improvements were measured directly against results from placebo group.

    NOTE: This study excluded patients with clear organic causes and risk factors of ED including vascular disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. Please see full report for a complete exclusion criteria.

What is the "International Index of
Erection Function" (IIEF)?

The IIEF is designed to be a reliable, self-administered questionnaire of erectile function in cross cultural settings, detecting treatment-related changes in patients.

It was initially created by Raymond C. Rosen, PhD, Chief Scientist at the New England Research Institute, to measure the effectiveness of prescription medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

By using this as the foundation of the VigRX Plus study, we were able to effectively measure the impact VigRX Plus had on numerous areas of the subject's erection quality and sexual desire.

Further, this study also allowed us to gather feedback from the sexual partner of the subject in order to measure the satisfaction of both parties.

Efficacy Results Explained...

The following is a brief summary of key results. For more detail, please scroll to the bottom of this page to download the entire report.

Result #1: 62.82% Increase in ability
to maintain erection during penetration.

The inability to maintain an erection is a serious problem, affecting men of all ages.

After taking VigRX Plus for 84 days, subjects saw a 62.82% improvement in their ability to maintain and control their erection when compared to the group taking placebo as demonstrated in the below chart.

Ability to maintain erection after penetration (Q4 of IIEF)
VigRx Plus
2.56 ±1.1 4.02 ±1.62 62.82%
2.44 ±1.1 2.66 ±1.34 10.18%
IIEF scores are expressed as Mean ±2SD
Result #2: 59.97% Increase
in ability to penetrate partner

Another important finding in this study was that the treatment satisfaction of the patients was also corroborated by their partners.

In other words not only were the patients extremely satisfied with the results achieved when taking VigRX Plus, their partners also reported the same level of satisfaction.

More specifically the female partners of the patients reported and 59.97% increase in penetration, dramatically increasing overall satisfaction.

And while partner satisfaction of the VigRX Plus group actually increased during the study, the placebo group actually decreased over the same period!

The chart below clearly demonstrates this substantial increase.

Male Enhancement Graph
Result #3: 22.49% Increase
in quantity of orgasms

Over the test period there was a 22.49% improvement in orgasmic function which simply means the patients taking VigRX reported achieving 22.49% more orgasms than patients taking placebo.

And more orgasms definitely equates to greater overall sexual satisfaction.

Male Enhancement Study
Result #4: 47.00% Increase
in sex drive and desire

This is a very important statistic, further demonstrating why VigRX Plus could be considered superior to prescription medication.

You see, prescription medication primarily focuses on increasing erection quality but does not impact sexual desire. This means that patients taking prescription medication can achieve an erection but do not necessarily desire OR find the act of performing intercourse satisfying.

Whereas VigRX Plus focuses on both improving erection quality and sexual desire which means overall sexual and intercourse satisfaction increased dramatically!

VigRX Plus Clinical Study
Result #5: 71.43% Increase in
sexual and intercourse satisfaction

The patients taking VigRX plus for 84 days reported a 71.43% improvement in sexual and intercourse satisfaction where the placebo group only reported 12%.

This means patients taking VigRX Plus found greater satisfaction – almost 6 times higher than the placebo group - when performing intercourse!

VigRX Plus Graph
Result #6: 61.00% Increase
in overall sexual satisfaction

And finally when all of the results were in, after 84 days the patients taking VigRX Plus reported a 61.00% increase in their overall sexual satisfaction.

To further validate the findings the placebo group actually reported a decrease in overall sexual satisfaction!

Important Fact: Remember this was a "Double Blind Study" which means both the doctors and the researchers recording the data had no idea whether they were receiving placebo or genuine VigRX Plus in order to completely eliminate ANY bias in the results.

Male Enhancement Results

Conclusion of VigRX Plus Double
Blind Human Clinical Study

In conclusion, VigRX Plus clearly demonstrated significant improvement in erection quality, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction in both the patient and their partner, based on the International Index of Erection Function, when compared to the control group receiving placebo over a 12 week period.

As the following chart demonstrates, during the 12 weeks there were was a consistent, measurable, and statistically relevant increase every 30 days.

Further, if patients continued to take VigRX Plus beyond 12 weeks, it would be reasonable to expect...

A continued increase in sexual
performance and satisfaction!

VigRX Plus Results

And finally at the end of 12 weeks, 90% of the patients taking VigRX Plus were so satisfied with the powerful results, they said they would like to continue supplementing with VigRX Plus while the patients receiving placebo almost unanimously choose to discontinue.

VigRX Plus Outcome

Once again, this double blind human clinical study provided statistically relevant results demonstrating the real power of VigRX Plus.

And although, the summary provided on this page is a fair and accurate representation of the results from the 3rd party clinical study, we would also encourage you to download the entire report to see for yourself!

We pride ourselves in offering top quality supplements that get real results and with the first human study of its kind in this product category, this further establishes VigRX Plus as a leader in helping men treat erectile dysfunctions without the use of prescription medication.

Download The Complete Report Now!

Other Clinical & Safety Studies Completed:

*Studies done on VigRX original formula

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